“Conscious Food" is about eating healthy. We want to inspire people to think about what they put into their bodies and how it affects the community and our planet. We are what we eat, and when we choose to eat right, our bodies can be healed. Food is Medicine!

One Luv Cafe ATL is playing a part in reversing the disease in our community with our nutrient-rich, holistic, and natural ingredients, conscious food. Healthy food. Sustainable food. Our beautifully prepared fare with some locally sourced and organic produce, herbs, and spices.

A mash-up of Caribbean, Cajun, and Soulfood, our menu is inspired by the African Heritage Diet, including whole, fresh plant foods, rice, whole grains, meat, poultry, and seafood. During the African Diaspora, some foods brought to the US and Caribbean were collard greens, black-eyed peas, beans, yams, plantains, and okra, to name a few.



When it comes to seafood, there's nothing quite like ours. We pride ourselves in sourcing the best seafood around, ensuring that you're getting only the freshest, most delicious seafood for your meal. From jerk salmon to curry shrimp cooked to perfection, we've got something for everyone. Our dishes are freshly prepared and ready for you to enjoy. You'll be able to taste the passion our chefs have for cooking with every bite.


Vegan food can bring delicious flavors as well as peace of mind to your next meal. Our vegan-friendly restaurant serves fresh and nutrient-rich foods that will both fill you up and provide high-quality ingredients that anyone can enjoy. All of our dishes are expertly crafted with natural ingredients free of chemicals or colorings, ensuring customers get the best experience from our vegan cuisine. Whether you're looking for exciting vegan versions of classic brown stew chicken dish, or something innovative and unique, we have something special to offer everyone.


Are you looking for the best jerk chicken in town? Look no further than our restaurant in Atlanta! Our chefs have perfected the recipe for this beloved Jamaican dish, using only the freshest ingredients and traditional spices to create a flavor explosion that will leave your taste buds tingling. Whether you like it mild or spicy, our jerk chicken will satisfy any craving. Furthermore, we serve various Jamaican food, including curry chicken, jerk salmon, and more. With every bite, you'll be transported straight to Jamaica, where this dish originated.


Curry chicken is a dish that has gained popularity all over the world. Its unique combination of spices and flavors has made it a favorite among food lovers everywhere. At One Luv Cafe ATL, we serve the best curry chicken you will ever taste. We take pride in using only the freshest ingredients to prepare this delicious meal. Our curry chicken recipe is unique, ensuring every bite bursts with flavor. We use a unique blend of spices to create a rich and aromatic sauce that perfectly complements the tender chicken pieces. Our Caribbean restaurant also serves jerk chicken and mac and cheese!


Look no further for catering for your next event! One Luv Cafe ATL understands how important catering can be for any given occasion, and we are proud to offer reliable catering services that you can rely on. Treat your guests to something unique with our wide array of options. Our delicious Jamaican food and vegan food options will take your guest's experience to the next level! You can rest assured that ordering catering from us is one of the best decisions you’ll make when planning any upcoming occasion.



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